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I strive to design and fabricate wearable sculptures & home adornments that depict the indispensability of awareness through stream of consciousness as a means of self growth

Although a majority of my work is technically categorized as jewelry due to it’s mobility, I choose to make pieces of art that move with their keepers not only for adornment purposes but to encourage daily reminders of what staying alive requires, all of the textures and decisions and agreements and unfolding emotions that being a component of humanity requires. The patterns I create become intentional and each cut shape represents an idea, maybe a threat, a fear, a blessing or some element of a story that occurs naturally when assembling.


By making a piece capable of being worn, they alter the art experience into something intimate and roaming. 


Portrait by Harrison Anderson
Hank Jove is a Houston born artist & poet. They currently live in Austin, TX on the greenbelt in a farmhouse that's filled with some of their favorite makers & shakers.